The Ultimate Guide To Allen’s lollies

If you’ve got something of a sweet tooth, you’re not alone. Candies, sweets, and lollies, have long been a ubiquitous part of the Australian experience. And whether you’re partial to a party mix, or love nothing more than a strawberries and cream lolly, here’s our ultimate guide to the crème de la crème of Allen’s lollies.

Allen’s Jelly Beans

A firm family favourite, Allen’s jelly beans come in a variety of fruity flavours and vibrant colours, from raspberry, to apple, orange, strawberry, aniseed, apricot, vanilla, blackcurrant and blueberry.

Allen’s Retro Party Mix

The perfect blend of some of Australia’s favourite candies, Allen’s Retro Party has something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of funny teeth, tangy pineapples, green racing cars, juicy strawberries and cream, creamy milk bottles or cool cola bottles, there’s something to satisfy even the sweetest of cravings.

Allen’s Strawberry & Cream Lollies

A decadent delight for the sweetest of tooths, Allen’s Strawberries and Cream feature a dollop of soft strawberry flavoured jelly perfectly positioned on top of a layer of foamy creamy base.

Allen’s Jaffas

The perfect afternoon treat if you’re craving something sweet, brighten up your day with Allen’s classic Jaffas. This tasty biscuit features a chocolate orange flavour in a crispy shell, and is a firm favourite among chocolate lovers far and wide.

Allen’s Fantales

Allan’s Fantales caramels are the perfect blend of both smooth chocolate and velvety caramel, and thanks to their generous milk chocolate coating they’re one of Australia’s family favourites!

Allen’s Minties

A much-loved classic that has stood the test of time, Allen’s Minties is a soft chewable mint-flavored confectionery, that is refreshing, chewy, and oh-so-minty.

Allen’s Sherbies and Sherbies Sour Fizz Chews

Allen’s Sherbies Sour Fizz are soft and chewy sour fruit flavoured chews, perfect to share with all the family.

Allen’s Freckles

Allen’s freckles are delectable creamy chocolate buttons dusted with colourful 100’s and 1000’s to create a decadently delicious melting chocolate crunch.

Allen’s Spearmint Leaves

Beloved by sweet tooths across Australia, Allen’s Spearmint Leaves, are an undeniable favourite. A sugar dusted lolly with refreshing minty flavour, there’s so much to love about this sweet treat.

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