What To Do When You Have a Lot of Leftover Candy?

Maybe you had a candy bar at your wedding or a candy-themed party, or it was Halloween. Whatever it was, it is now over, and you have a lot of leftover confectionery – which is not a bad thing. However, it may not be a very good idea to consume all the leftover treats yourself, and throwing them away would be such a waste. So, what do you do with all those leftover treats? As luck would have it, you have plenty of options. 

Get Creative with Brownies, Slices, and Cookies

When you have a lot of leftover chocolate candy, you can always cut them into little pieces and add them to your cookie batter to make special cookies. And you can include rock candies or even candied fruit.

You can make delicious slices using recipes readily available online and adding confectionery like cut-up licorice allsorts.

Throw Them Into The Freezer

You can freeze most leftover sweets until you need them. They can be crushed and used as toppings for ice creams, cakes, cupcakes, or other desserts. They can add that extra decorative and flavourful addition that your family, friends, and guests will love.

You can also put colourful Allens Lolliesrock candy, or even sour gummies into ice cube trays, and fill them with water. Pop them into the freezer. The result will be colourful and delicious cubes of ice that you can add to juices for kids. You can use the ice cubes for grown-up drinks too. 

Seriously, Get Melting

Another delicious way of dealing with leftover confectionery like Allens Lollies is to add them to your very own original sweet creation. Just melt some of your favourite baking chocolate and pour them onto a tray lined with parchment. Sprinkle some of your chopped-up lollies. Pop the tray into the fridge, and after a few hours, you have your very own confectionery masterpiece ready to be served to your family and friends.

Or you can melt all the chocolate candies and use them to dip fruit slices in and freeze them to create frozen fruit snacks.

Take Them to Work

Not everyone has the time to bake cookies or make unique sweets. Probably the best way to deal with any leftover candies, especially popular ones like Allens, is to take them to work and share them with your colleagues. You can put them in a bowl near the office coffee machine or at your desk and let your colleagues get their fill.

Go Gourmet

How about popping some popcorn and drizzling melted candy bars on top of them? Or drizzle melted candy bars and mix them with your favourite trail mix. You can even add cut-up or crushed candy to your breakfast cereal.

There are so many things you can do with your leftover confectionery. You can even decide to donate them to care homes or homeless shelters or to any other non-profit that may be accepting such donations near you. Another option is to keep them until the next party or holiday comes along.

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