What is a Lolly Buffet?

We’re here to help you make your event full of colour, excitement, and fun with a lolly buffet!

There are so many names it can be hard to keep track! Candy buffet, lolly bar, sweet table, candy bar, dessert table, lolly station and lolly table just to name a few! They all have these things in common though: lollies, vases and jars, and a ton of colour!

And above all, they are HEAPS of fun and everyone loves them!

What Sort of Events do Lolly Buffets Work Well For?

Weddings, birthday parties, Christmas parties, anniversaries, christenings, bar mitzvahs, engagement parties, baby showers and corporate events! Basically anything where people like to have fun can have a candy station because everyone loves lollies!

Best of all, lolly buffets are super customisable, meaning that you can tailor the presentation and theme to match virtually any kind of event, whether it’s a more formal corporate occasion, or something fun and fabulous like a baby shower or hen’s party!


How Do You Create a Candy Buffet?

1. Choose Your Jar!

Choose the containers in which you will offer your lollies. Table decorations should match the theme or style you chose for the party.

You will find plenty of options to play with and even though glass bowls or plates work in a pinch, lolly jars are our favourite. Your candy bar will attract more attention if everything on the table is transparent and you can see the sweets in detail. A great idea is to scrounge op shops to find a variety of glass jars in different heights and sizes.

Hire or Buy? The Lolly Buffet Jars are a vital component of your lolly buffet and we can help you source your own or recommend some amazing Australian companies to hire them from!

2. Choose What Your Guests Will Put the Lollies In!

What do you want your guests to put the lollies in? The idea here is that guests can serve themselves and fill up a small container of lollies to snack on throughout the event, or to take home with them at the end of the night.

For this, you’ll need some bags for your sweets! You can use small plastic or paper bags in different colours and designs. Or you can go the unconventional route with unique containers such as noodle boxes or organza bags.

Another great idea is a branded item such as a mug – perfect for a corporate event!
We have seen some great examples and we can help you choose your containers or at least get the creative juices flowing.

3. Choose the Type and Quantity of Lollies

Fill up that lolly buffet table with delicious treats by visiting a candy store near you. Or better yet, choose to shop online here at My Lollies. We specialise in lollies and are proud to have the lowest prices on the internet!

We suggest selecting around 7-10 sweet variations (depending on the size of your buffet) that match your theme and that you think your guests will enjoy. Gummies in different flavours and shapes, chocolates, candy hearts, snakes… the broader your assortment, the better!

But how many do you need? We can help you solve your Lolly Buffet Quantity!

4. Too Hard? Hire an Expert To Do It For You!

Planning and hosting an event can be a pretty hectic and stressful time. Take the complication out of it and let us recommend an expert to help you!

Let us help you create a candy station that you and your guests will love! Simply message us and we’ll put you in touch with an expert party supplier in your capital city who can do all the work for you. This leaves you free to enjoy your special event you’ve worked so hard on to bring to life! so that you can be free to enjoy your special event.

Bulk Cheap Lollies for Candy Buffet

A candy buffet is one of the easiest ways you can create an extravagant and eye-catching prop for your next special event! Best of all, it’s super fun to create and doesn’t have to break the budget!

My Lollies can help cut the cost by offering you the best lollies in Australia at the cheapest price! If you happen to find a cheaper price for an identical item anywhere else online, we won’t just match their price – we’ll beat it by 5%!

Now you don’t have to worry about spending too much. You can choose your preferred theme or simply follow the “Anything Goes!” mentality – it’s totally up to you!

Are you a chocolate lover? Why not pick a decadent chocolate theme?

Longing for yesteryear? Retro candies like rock candy can take you back to your childhood. Whatever you choose, your guests will be in awe of this fantastic eye-catching display!

Colour Your Candy Bar Station

Coloured Lollies for Your Candy Buffet

What candies should you choose for your candy bar station? Well, it depends on a few things. Your preferences, of course, are important. But perhaps one of the most important features to decide on is the colour!

One of the reasons we love candy buffets is because they can be easily customised to match any theme, style and colour. A good place to start is with 3 main colours for your treats, so that your candy buffet looks cohesive, well-styled, and delicious!

Need bulk lollies for a lolly buffet? You’ve come to the right place!

Pink Lollies

If you are looking to create a cute pink candy buffet, choose from our wide range of pink lollies like our candy floss. From pastel to hot pink, you’ll be tickled pink with MyLollies!

A pop of pretty pink sweet treats is one of our most popular colour schemes; often used for weddings, hen’s parties, and baby showers. Use complementary shades like silver, gold, and white to add some luxe glam or make a bold statement with red and orange.

Multi-coloured Lollies

If you’re throwing a kid’s party, a rainbow colour lolly buffet is the best (and easiest) choice.

It’s fun, colourful, and perfect for kids. The benefit of this theme is that you can use any multi-coloured candies you want! Just be careful not to clutter or overwhelm your candy bar visuals – use glass jars to show off all those bright colours!

Shop at My Lollies today for the best and cheapest multi-coloured lollies. We have gummies, chocolates, M&Ms and more for you.

Yellow Lollies

Wow your party guests with a yellow candy extravaganza! Shop at My Lollies for the cheapest yellow candies, chocolates or gummies you can find online.

Bright yellow lollies is a cheerful, happy and uplifting colour, perfect for kids parties. For a formal and refined candy buffet, yellow and gold teamed with black would make an impact. Adding white candies or a splash of silver to yellow lollies will instantly add a modern feel to your lolly buffet.

Blue Lollies

Exude a cool, calm, and refined look with blue lollies as the star of your candy buffet. Shop at MyLollies today and mix and match shapes, shades, and sizes to fill your lolly jars.

Suitable for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and even corporate events, find blue rock candy, marshmallows, lollipops, and foil wrapped chocolate hearts lollies online now with MyLollies!

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