Lolly Buffet Containers

Lolly Buffet Containers

So once you know what jars you want to put the lollies in, it is time to think about what you want your guests to put the lollies in!

What will my guests put the lollies in?

Noodle Boxes are overwhelmingly the most popular way to go and there is no doubt that they can look amazing. However don’t discount other options! You can use lolly bags, organza bags or even things like commemorative mugs or glasses.

One fantastic tip is that you can use your Lolly Buffet Container as the place name for your guests, effectively killing two birds with one stone and saving space on the table!

Plain Noodle Boxes

The great thing with plain noodle boxes is that with some ribbon and creativity you can create something beautiful, while still being low cost!

Online stores like The Party PeopleThe Packaging Place and even eBay and Gumtree have a large range at very affordable prices.

Not feeling crafty? Time poor? We hear you!

There is a host of people out there on the internet who love to craft things, and aren’t trying to plan a big event that can help you! There is no doubt that the best place to find them is Etsy (particularly someone like My Paper Planet who is Australian based).

Please bear in mind that shipping can be prohibitive as Etsy is worldwide, also it is best to search for ‘gift boxes’ not ‘noodle boxes’.

You can even find some fantastic options on personalised noodle boxes on eBay and Gumtree.

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