Lolly Buffet Jars

Hiring vs. Buying Lolly Jars

Sweet as your treats! Lolly jars are one way to make sure your lolly buffet will stand out and your guests will have a great time on your special occasion.

Candy buffet jars not only offer special treats of colourful candy, they also add style and elegance. Whether to hire or buy is a personal choice but we are here to help you compare the benefits!

Benefits of Hiring Candy Jars

There are some fantastic companies out there that will hire you their jars at a very reasonable price. There are two main benefits of hiring:

1. You will save time!
They have already done the leg work, they have the whole range lined up and you can just pick your favourites. They commonly offer packages, making this choice even simpler as you just select the package you like.

2. You will save money!
Always a good thing when you have a wedding/event to plan! It stands to reason that hiring is cheaper than buying, but you will have to weigh up the difference as this is a very personal decision.




I want to hire them! Who do you recommend?

We have listed our favourite Lolly Buffet hire companies by city, there are so many good options but these companies really stand out from the pack.
Melbourne – Sweet B – A Candy buffet can be supplied for any type of event, from Weddings, Engagements, Baby Showers, Christenings, all types of Birthday parties, Hens Parties, even to Corporate Events, Store launches & Expos, the possibilities are endless!
Sydney – Tutti Fruity – A full kit of everything you need to set up your own buffet delivered to your door in Sydney.
Brisbane – Brisbane Lolly Buffets – Looking to create your own lolly buffet but can’t find everything you need?  Our DIY option is for you!
Adelaide – Hire Me SA – Fill them them up with scrumptious sweets and let your guests indulge in them. DON’T FORGET – you can also create your own custom DIY lolly buffet packages.
Perth – A La Sweetcart – Tell us your Classic Wedding colour palettes and we will design the cart to suit . Oozing style and elegance allow a la sweetcart to put the finishing touch to your special day




Benefits of Buying Lolly Jars

First things first with buying, don’t be limited by their intended use, you can do amazing things with Mason Jars, Vases, Dessert Bowls, Preserving Jars, Ice Buckets, Coffee Plungers and Martini Glasses just to name a few! Let your search run wild and see what you can find! There are two main benefits with buying your own:

1. Customisation!
If you buy each jar yourself you can get the one that you love and fits your theme perfectly! Not being constrained to package deals allows you to let your creativity run wild and fully express yourself.

2. You can use them later!
After seeing how much fun a lolly buffet is chances are you will want to do another one! Well you can do it easily and cheaply if you buy the jars and keep them! Alternately some people give them away as a special thank you to bridesmaids/people who have made a special effort to be there.




Where to Buy Candy Buffet Jars!

Ebay and Gumtree are fantastic places to start your search. You will find plenty of options, sometimes even full sets, and you can get an amazing deal on glassware that has only been used once.
In person – While some of the bigger ‘cheap’ shops have a website, like The Reject Shop, most don’t but they often have amazing glassware for a great price! In addition to your local junk shop try places like The Salvos and your local opportunity shop. You can sometimes also find a hidden gem at garage sales or local markets!  Ikea – the Swedish home ware giant always has good options! At almost unbeatable prices they are well worth a good look.
Online – There are so many great online stores to hunt through. Stores like Wheel and BarrowPapaya, Just JarsSave on Crafts (excellent, particularly Martini Glasses), and Ballmason Australia have a range of great options for you!
Department Stores – Stores such as Kmart, Big W and Myer often have sales and although their range tends to be small there can often be a great piece at a very affordable price.
Lastly check with Family and Friends! – Lolly buffets are so popular now that you never know who might have some great options that you could borrow. Ask around, post on Facebook and you never know what you might turn up.




Candies For Your Candy Jar

Fulfilling your vision for the perfect candy buffet jar and the lollies inside might seem like a daunting task.

But just remember that the end goal isn’t how expensive or fancy your jars are – it’s how many colourful lollies you can delight your guests with! So focus on the sweet treats inside to create a real winning buffet.

There are things you need to think about when it comes to choosing candy for your lolly jars.

What colour lollies do you need?

First, think about the overall look and feel of your event and consider what the colour of your lollies will be.

Single colour or a mix of two or three hues are best from a visual perspective. Pink lollies are always one of the best sellers when it comes to parties, weddings or baby showers, while metallic lollies are a great way to add a luxe look for formal or corporate events.

What size lollies should you buy?

Next, consider the size of the candies you will be using in your candy jar.

Smaller lollies will take more to fill up your lolly jar, so you may need to purchase more, while larger lollies will fill the jars more quickly. However, you should also ensure that your chosen candies will actually fit inside the jars, and will be easy to reach by guests.

What is the best place to buy lollies online?

And lastly, you need to know the best place to buy those lollies!

And when you choose MyLollies, you can be confident knowing you’re choosing quality sweets from Australia and around the world, at the best wholesale prices! Order lollies online today to make your lolly buffet jar stand out, without breaking the bank!

Have a question you can’t see the answer to?

Then by all means call 1300 899 000 or contact us via the website and we will get back to you ASAP!




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