How Many Lollies For A Lolly Buffet

Lolly Buffet Quantity

So you have picked your jars! Exciting! But how do you know how many lollies you need for a lolly buffet? Don’t panic, we can help.

How much per person?

While you could just fill up your jars you want to make sure that you have enough for each person to get some! Sometimes this will mean filling up your jars part way through your event, the extra lollies can usually be easily stored under the table.

Don’t forget it is very important that you work out roughly how many lollies will fit in the containers that you give your guests, they will typically fill them all the way up so it can be handy to know how much this will be.

Typically we recommend you plan on 150-200g of lollies per person.


But how many lollies will I need to fill my jar?

MyLollies comes to your rescue! We have calculated the volume that each of our lollies takes up! Don’t worry this doesn’t involve complex maths!

1. Simply fill your jar with water from a measuring jug to work how much water it will hold. You want to work this out in ml.

2. Look up your product on MyLollies. You will need to go into the product by clicking on ‘More Info’ or by using our search box. You will know you are in the right place if there is only one product on the page.

3. Underneath the big brown button ‘Add to Cart’ there should be a ‘Grams per 100ml’

4. Sorry, now it is maths time. Divide your mls of water by 100. Then multiply the number in “Grams per 100ml’. The answer is how much product you need in grams!

5. An example. My jar holds 2890ml of water and I want to fill it with jelly beans. I looked them up and Jelly Beans need 91g per 100ml of water.

2890/100 = 28.9
28.9 x 91 = 2629.90

For the sake of ease I divide this by 1,000 to get it in kg. 2.62kg! Nice!


3. Which Lollies Should I Choose?

The most common way to choose your lollies is by Colour, luckily we have put our single colour lollies in a special category for you!

Don’t discount a rainbow theme though. After all we are trying to include something bright, beautiful and fun into your event and what better way to do that than a rainbow theme? Products like Mini Fruit SticksSour Neon Worms and Racing Cars can look amazing!

In the end it depends what you are trying to achieve, tie your lollies into your theme. Going for a fairy tale wedding? Try Whites and Pinks. Birthday for under 10s? Riot of colour for the win! We have something to suit every event!

Have a question you can’t see the answer to?

Then by all means call 1300 899 000 or contact us via the website and we will get back to you ASAP!


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