• Orange Lollies

    Orange candy isn’t just for Halloween anymore. Our huge selection of orange candies have all the classics you need for trick-or-treaters, like orange candy slices or reese chocolate.

    But we also have orange chocolate drops and orange-flavoured candies that deserve to be in your candy dish year-round!

    Orange lollies are also popular in the business world. Take your upcoming corporate event to the next level with orange lollies that match your brand or party! An invigorating and playful hue, orange is the colour of globally recognised brands including Fanta, MasterCard, Nickelodeon, and Harley-Davidson.

    Orange candies can also make a dramatic and beautiful addition to any autumn-themed candy or wedding buffet. Our orange jelly beans or gummies can also make a sweet festival gift favour.

    Shop bright, colourful, sweet orange lollies online at MyLollies.

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