• Red Lollies

    Are you ‘red-dy’ for this? The people have spoken! Red lollies are the most sought out candies of all time! As red is associated with the ripening of fruits, red has become the universal sign of sweetness and rules the world of My Lollies!

    The red colour also symbolises excitement, passion, sweetness and love, making it a popular choice of candies for party favours and lolly buffets for weddings, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and more.

    Here at MyLollies you can choose from our wide variety of red candies. We have red candies available in different shades including burgundy, crimson, cardinal, and other hues.

    Our red lollies also come in a variety of flavours including cherry, raspberry, strawberry, red apple and even hot spicy candies!

    Shop red lollies online now or visit our Seaford warehouse!

    Bulk red lollies

    Choose the best red candies to buy at the sweetest price at My Lollies’ online store. Say goodbye to long lines at the supermarket: without having to leave home you will be able to buy the best red candies at the lowest price – guaranteed.

    Buy bulk red lollies at cheap prices for your lolly buffet. We have a huge variety of red lollies that will make your candy station stand out. For the festive season, nothing beats traditional red, green, and white, while Valentine’s Day is perhaps best reserved for heaps of red and pink candy!

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