Fundraising Lollies

Fundraising Lollies

There are some amazing people doing brilliant charity work but fundraising can be tough! With so many events how do you stand out from the crowd? MyLollies Mini Bags can help, in a variety of ways!

You’d be surprised of the impact such a small item can give!

Choose a mini bag as a small thank you gift for customers who have placed an order or purchased your product.

They’re guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of not only your clients, but with our super low prices, you’ll be smiling too!

Who will they work for?

Everyone loves lollies, so they can work for almost anything!

  • Schools, Kindergartens, Pre-shcools, Day care, Occasional Care
  • Teams and Clubs – Whether they are sports teams, or recreational, community based or social!
  • Churches and youth groups
  • Social Groups – Girl Guides, Scouts, Life saving, and anything where a group gathers to do something together!

Can we donate to your event?

We would certainly love to but with the number of requests it simply isnt possible to help everyone

Fundraising Lollies

You can sell our Mini Bags!

We have all seen the take home chocolate boxes and the like as a fundraising option, and while they have worked really well, people are really excited to see something different and a Mini Bag of our delicious party mix could be just the thing! After all, everyone loves lollies!

You can sell them almost anywhere! You could try them in the office, at your house (family and friends!), the canteen, the tea room, a stand in a shopping centre or even door-to-door!

Combine them with other fundraising events

If you are hosting a movie night, trivia night, talent show or almost any kind of event at all you can use our Mini Bags as a super easy way to boost your fundraising efforts.

One of the great things about using our Mini Bags all of the product is sealed and delivered in a single serve size, you don’t have to have food handling certificates to sell them! If you add some drinks and popcorn this means you can have a simple and easy ‘candy bar’ like option at your event!

Combine with a Raffle!

We have received some great feedback from combining Mini Bags with a raffle. This can work in many ways but essentially means giving someone an entry into your raffle with every bag of lollies they buy.

Have a question you can’t see the answer to?

Then by all means contact us and we will get back to you ASAP!

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