• Halloween Lollies

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    What is and how did the Halloween candy giving come about?

    Halloween is a holiday that dates back more than 3,000 years, with origins in Celtic culture.

    Its name Halloween comes from “All Hallow’s Eve”, which in English translates as “All Saints’ Eve”.

    The belief has always been that during the night of 31st October, the dead return to take possession of the soul of the living, and it’s for that reason the living put on masks of terror, to scare away the evil spirits. Others would leave out food and drinks to appease any wandering spirits, thus starting the modern tradition of trick or treating.

    Buy Halloween sweets online

    Halloween might be the scariest day of the year, but at My Lollies, it’s one of the sweetest, too! We offer a spooky and fantastic assortment of Halloween candies in Australia at the lowest price.

    Make this night the most special of the year with our most terrifying sweets. Surprise and delight the ghoulish guests who come dressed up this Halloween with our yummy candies.

    There are many Halloween candies at the best price available at our online store, including Count Dracula cherry candies, ghost candies, rubber fingers, gummi fangs and Trolli tarantulas!

    Planning a fun Halloween candy buffet

    Halloween parties have gained a lot of popularity in Australia, and these days, is not only celebrated by children, but by adults, too!

    If you want to celebrate a Halloween party in true style, make sure your Halloween candy buffet is filled with the scariest, spookiest, and sweetest lollies. Buy some colourful gummi snakes or go for a black and white theme with black jelly beans or black tarantulas.

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