• Hard Candy

    Hard candies are delicious and their flavour lasts much longer making it a perfectly sweet candy to be enjoyed by all ages.

    Find all the hard candies that you are looking for, and so much more, at My Lollies. We have a wide range of hard lollies (and lollies in general) that you can enjoy and buy at bulk cheap prices.

    We have hard lollies with smooth textures and assorted flavours including candy canes, chewy coffee candy, lollipops, rock candy, peppermint candy, and more.

    Hard candies are not only delicious but also fun, bringing colour, sweetness, and enjoyment to any kind of event. Guests won’t be able to resist walking past without popping a sweet candy in their mouth (or loading up their pockets!)

    Adults – but kids at heart – are the ones that will enjoy hard candies the most. Hard candies are a staple in any company’s reception area or meeting room and are also the perfect companion for a long drive or flight.

    And if this wasn’t enough, we also sell hard candies in bags to give as gifts. Cheap hard candy bags and mixes make perfect gift favours, promotional lollies, or Halloween and Christmas treats.

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