• Snake Lollies

    Snake lollies is the snack you never knew you needed until you start munching and you can’t stop! So let these super sweet candy slither to your mouth and to your heart. Every inch is covered in bright colors, including green, orange and red! Every bite is bursting in flavor. Order at My Lollies today,

    Chewy, sugary, and flavored like your favorite fruit, these scaly snacks are a mouthwatering must-have. Our bright and colourful snakes are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. Explore the full range, including MyLollies’ own Tropix brand, packs from Cadbury and Allens, and our gluten-free options.

    Our snake candy is so tasty, you’ll want to share it! That’s why we offer a convenient bulk snake lollies at the lowest price online. You get more of your favorite confections with each purchase! Keep them at home so you have a quick go-to snack for the kids or pour them into a bowl and add it to your lolly buffet to delight your guests. Shop at My Lollies now.

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