• Lollipops

    From the first day you went to the doctor and they gave you a lollipop for being so well behaved, the iconic treat on a stick has been a great way to put a great, big, happy smile on your face. Be a sucker – for lollipops! Shop at My Lollies today.

    My Lollies offer a delicious selection of Lollipops in your favourite brands and flavours. Whether you’re hunting for treats for your little ones or corporate giveaways, My Lollies has the best lollipop candy online.

    Everyone loves lollipops, and they love them, even more, when they are free! Our candy lollipops are a great option for a simple giveaway, they are all individually wrapped and you can easily apply a sticker to them or just pass them out as they are, you will make no end of friends either way! They can also make a great addition to candy bouquets for Valentine’s day, candy buffet bars, gift baskets, or are a great type of sweet to keep around the house and snack on when you please.

    Bulk Lollipops for events

    Lolly buffets are the perfect feature at any event, and with our bulk lollipops, you can take your buffet to the next level!

    Whatever the purpose for which you want your lollipops, be it a Birthday, Wedding, Debut, Baby Shower or other parties, we have individually coloured options to match in with your theming in pink, red, white, blue, purple, green and orange.

    Looking for a creative centrepiece? Did you know you can take our delicious pops and make a bright, colourful and fun tree? All you need is either a Styrofoam ball or cone and you can easily push the pops in and create some fantastic craft projects!

    Swirl Lollipops, Chupa Chups And More

    My Lollies offer a huge selection of Lollipops that are perfect for events, special occasions, or simply for yourself! Looking for a low cost, simple but still yummy option? All of our single colour pops are perfect!

    Can’t go past Australia’s favourite? Don’t worry we stock Chupa Chups as well! Looking for a novelty and a treat? Try the Melody Pops and whistle a happy tune! Having prominent suppliers helps to have a much larger catalogue of lollipop brands. If you have favourite brands of lollipops, do not hesitate to look for them in My Lollies. We do our best to offer you the largest number of your favourite lollipops.

    Looking for something handmade, a bit bigger or just love Australian made rock candy? Our swirl lollipops are unbeatable, for both value and taste! The kids are sure to beam with joy when they get this extra treat! We stock a truly whimsical range of suckers including mesmerizing rainbow swirl lollipops,

    Candy Lollipops Wholesale Online

    Buying wholesale lollipops online is similar to buying them in any other traditional store in Australia, but it is much easier. You do not have to leave home, you can make large purchases without having to carry them, and you will enjoy a much wider catalogue of lollipops.

    My Lollies also have the best prices online! Yes, we do have the cheapest lollipops. We also try to adapt to your needs at all times and, in addition, we make specific offers so that you have the opportunity to enjoy your favourite custom lollipops. What more can you ask for? Oh right! We also have fast delivery!

    Don’t forget to simply place your order online for same-day dispatch on orders before 1pm. With our fast, low-cost shipping methods you could be living the sweet life before you know it!

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