• Pink Lady Chocolates

    We stock a full range of Pink Lady chocolates that are perfect for gifts, decorations, or to simply take home for yourself.

    Some of our favourites include the foil-wrapped milk chocolate hearts, the twist wraps range, and the milk chocolate and raspberry bullets. Order Pink Lady chocolate hearts online from MyLollies to enjoy good old-fashioned chocolate treats made with love!

    Pink Lady Chocolate Hearts

    Pink Lady is an Australian company based in Melbourne producing a range of rich and creamy chocolates. They are most popular for their chocolate hearts available in different foil coloured wrappers. Pink Lady chocolate hearts are perfect for weddings and special events or as a lovely token gift anytime of the year.

    Chocolate hearts bulk for Valentines Day

    Buy chocolate hearts for Valentine’s Day in our online store. You will find different colour options in bulk, that could be perfect for your Valentine’s Day event, Valentine’s Day giveaways… or for your sweet Valentine date!

    Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to show your love to that special person. Chocolate hearts is a classic that never fails. You can buy them with the red wrapping, but also in silver, gold or patterned.

    If you want to prepare several sweet details for Valentine’s Day, we recommend that you buy the chocolate hearts in bulk and place them in bags or jars. You can also add up other chocolates or heart shaped lollies to the mix.

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