Promotional Lolly Bags

Say it sweetly with lollies in your next promo!

Want to give something to your customers to show them you care? Tired of giving a pen? How about something that will make them smile? Then say it with lollies!

Whether it’s a giveaway, marketing event, convention, or even a bowl of snacks for visitors, lollies are a great way of instantly fostering a positive and friendly relationship with customers, potential partners and suppliers alike.

It’s a small gesture, but we’re sure it’ll make a much bigger impact than yet another business card!

Promotional lollies Australia

We are Australia’s leading supplier of Mini Bags of lollies for giveaways and promotions

>Running a promotional or giveaway campaign is a lot of work. While most people responsible for running these understand that, one thing a lot of people underestimate is just how much material is needed to spread the word.

Whether it’s pens, business cards or calendars, when ordering material for a promotional campaign, it’s crucial you engage an organisation that can tailor their product to your needs, reflect your branding and who has the production capacity to meet your requirements.

Our ability to customise lolly bags (both their contents and their labels) and produce lolly bags in bulk means that we have the capacity and the ability to create lollies for your promotional campaign!

With custom lolly mixes, a wide range of options, large production runs and attractive pricing, we’ve got your campaign covered. All you need to do is get in touch with our team, and we’ll put together something that helps you make that all-important connection.

Promotional lollies Australia

You’d be surprised of the impact such a small item can give!

Choose a mini bag as a small thank you gift for customers who have placed an order or purchased your product. They’re guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of not only your clients, but with our super low prices, you’ll be smiling too!

We have lots of options, but professionally sealed Mini Bags (between 20g and 100g) is our wheelhouse. We can:

Customised black print

Do a fully customised black print on Mini Bag with no additional charge on runs of just 2,000 units!

Great range of mini bags

Supply a great range of Mini Bags with a clear front, designed for a full colour sticker for jobs which need colour, but are less than 2,000 units!

Digitally printed colour bag

Provide a fully professional digitally printed colour bag. We can do some amazing things with digital print, such as include a variable text field (like a certain famous soft drink with a red label did!)

How it works

Choose your lollies

Choose your lollies

Design the bag

Design the bag

Pack the bag

Pack the bag

Deliver the bags

Deliver the bags

Shop anywhere in Australia

While we’re based in Melbourne, we can deliver promotional lollies to just about anywhere in the country.

Our online lolly shop means it’s easy to get in touch with the team and organise something – more importantly however, our in-house production capabilities, fast dispatch and nationwide delivery means that we can get your lollies to you without delay.

We’re all about helping businesses get their message out there – and it isn’t just businesses, either. We’re proud to work with good causes and charities, helping them get the good word out there with our fundraising lolly bags.

Promotional lollies Melbourne

If you’re a Melbourne-based business, don’t be afraid to swing by our lolly emporium in Seaford to talk to our team in-person and discuss your promotional needs.

Promotional lollies Sydney

While we may be Melburnians, we aren’t going to let a little bit of inter-city rivalry get in the way of helping your business promote itself!

Promotional lollies Perth

Distance doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker – nationwide delivery means that we’re able to overcome the tyranny of distance.

Want to find out more and get a quote?

Easy! We hate it when the only way to get a price is to fill out a contact form and hope for the best.

So all you have to do is call 1300 899 000! Anyone can help you but if you want the VIP treatment ask for Josh, he gets lonely sometimes and is always excited to talk to new people.

If email is more your thing then no problem at all! Just send the details of what you are looking for and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

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